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s podtitulem MODERN MANAGEMENT OF MINE PRODUCING, GEOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION proběhne v červnu v Bulharsku. Témata jsou velmi zajímavá a dead-line pro zaslání abstraktů je až 15.4.2008:

“Mining and Geology”
1. Geology of mineral resources;
2. Technique, technology and management of mineral resources extraction;
3. Technique and technology of blasting activities. Controlled explosive demolition;
4. Methods and technologies in enrichment and recycling of row materials.

“Oil and Gas Exploration”
1. Technologies and equipment for oil and gas drilling;
2. Research work and extraction of oil and gas;
3. Oil and gas production;
4. Oil reservoirs management;
5. Extended oil and gas field life;
6. Refining, oil and gas trade and marketing.

“Ecology and Environmental Protection”
1. Ecology, environmental protection and Earth strata preservation;
2. Recultivation and reclamation of areas, damaged from mining activities;
3. Water usage and water objects preserving;
4. Industrial waste management;
5. Monitoring and keeping the air clean;
6. Climate change; (NEW)
7. Renewable energy.(NEW)

“Geodesy and Mine Surveying”
1. Geodetical and cartographic methods in implementation of infrastructure projects;
2. Methods, technologies and instruments in geodesy and mine surveying;
3. Research of geodynamical and landslide processes, geomechanics;
4. Distant and photogrametric methods in creating cadastrial maps;
5. Using GPS technologies.

“Informatics and Geoinformatics”
1. Systems, software applications and technology for geoinformation management;
2. Diversed systems and mobile technologies;
3. Computer graphics, image processing and artificial intelligence;
4. Database and management systems;
5. Internet and Intranet technologies in designing geo-servers.

Section „Education, Accreditation and European Integration”
1. Graduate Education and Innovations;
2. Vocational Education and Training;(NEW)
3. Curriculum development, course content and credit systems;(NEW)
4. Accreditation, methods of assessments and tools in teaching / learning;(NEW)
5. Research, International Cooperation and Mobility;
6. European Integration and introduction of the European standards;
7. Intelectual property and computer crimes.

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